By building a market-based, transaction-oriented, and self-sustaining nonprofit we address the widespread societal issues that stem from hunger and malnutrition, driven by inadequate access to healthy food options. Boston Foods purchases high-quality meats and produce from Baldor Foods, bundling the groceries together in bags, and selling the bags on a monthly basis at local delivery sites, South End Community Health Center, Franklin Field (Boston Housing Authority) and Cambridge Community Center. Each bag provides about two weeks worth of affordable and nutritious food at approximately $1.50 per meal. By contracting with Baldor Foods, we believe our product is attractive to all regardless of individual financial situations. Through Boston Foods, Bay Staters will be able to purchase supermarket-quality food at fast food prices.

Using a community-centered approach, we combine sustainable food and a sustainable model to give customers a reliable supplement to their weekly dietary needs. While the mission of Boston Foods is to fight hunger and malnutrition, there are no restrictions on who may purchase our food. This allows us to target the largest population, stimulate the greatest demand, and serve the most number of people. By offering a sustainable, nutritious, and consistent source of food we are, month by month, providing the foundation of a healthy lifestyle for hundreds of Bay Staters. The program works as follows:

  1. Boston Foods partners with community centers, distributing flyers and promoting product.
  2. Customers pre-order bags through our website until two days before delivery.
  3. Boston Foods orders food from Baldor once order window has closed.
  4. The Boston Foods team picks up food from Baldor the day of delivery and organizes product according to the specific orders.
  5. Bags are delivered en masse to the desired community center. 
  6. Each bag includes recipes to help customers prepare our products in nutritious and tasty ways.
  7. Customers pick up product and pay with credit, debit, or EBT.

Though we are a non-profit, we operate using the same business fundamentals as any for-profit firm.  Efficiency, consistency, receptiveness, and value are the four pillars of our business and we are constantly improving our practices. Furthermore, Boston Foods is committed to quality. Every effort is made to procure the highest quality product while still maintaining affordability for our customers. Boston Foods operates strongly in a "farm to table" mindset. Fresh, locally sourced products are always purchased and our website provides customers with all possible information regarding their food such as origin farm and growing process. There are simply no hidden details. The Boston Foods model is, above all, about eliminating unnecessary costs and inefficiencies in order to provide a better product at a lower price to consumers here in Massachusetts. 

Boston Foods is currently a member of the Harvard Innovation Lab (I-Lab) Venture Incubation Program (VIP) within the Harvard Business School.