Monthly Orders at SECHC

South End Community Health Center

Boston Foods has been delivering to South End Community Health Center since March 2017. We have worked with our representative Julieta Lopez in the center to gain a strong customer base and a growing presence in the neighborhood.

Monthly Orders at John Silber Early Learning Center

John Silber Early Learning Center

Boston Foods began to work with the John Silber Early Learning Center in Chelsea in January 2017. The staff and parents have been extremely welcoming and engaged with the Boston Foods program. We would like to thank our liaison, Irosca Vasquez, for her help and support.




Monthly Orders at Franklin Field

Franklin Field

Boston Foods began delivering to Franklin Field in March 2017. We have been growing our presence in the neighborhood and helping to expand affordable, healthy food options in Dorchester. Both the Boston Public Health Commission and Boston Housing Authority have been very helpful in connecting us with the staff at Franklin Field and making our work there possible.



Baldor: From Farm to Table

We understand how important quality is to our customers. Consequently, Boston Foods strives to only purchase the highest quality meats and produce. After an extensive vetting process, we chose to partner with Baldor as our distributor. Baldor has a long standing history of sourcing the very best, fresh food to customers across the East Coast. By connecting directly to small, local farms, Baldor is able to offer unmatched quality while maintaining affordable pricing. The diagram to the right illustrates Balder's distribution chain. For more information on Baldor and where each specific product we source originates from, please visit